Pennsylvania Carjacker Steals Car With 14-Month-Old in Back Seat, Neighbors Chase After Vehicle

“All I kept thinking is ‘you just gotta keep running,’” Regina Padilla says.

A Pennsylvania thief stole a car with a baby still in the back seat of the vehicle as the baby's mother and neighbors chased after it.

Regina Padilla had her hands full dropping off her four children at their great-grandmother’s house in Philadelphia when moments later a carjacker jumped into the car and drove off.

Video shows the thief entering the vehicle and driving off. The mother's voice can be heard screaming “My baby’s in that car,” as she runs after it.

“All I kept thinking is ‘you just gotta keep running. You just gotta keep running. You can’t stop. He’s gotta stop first,’” Padilla tells Inside Edition.

Neighbors can be seen in the video quickly exiting their homes and chasing after the vehicle.

“The neighbors around here are a very tight-knit family,” the mother says. “They’re absolutely heroes.”

The carjacker pulled over at the end of the street and fled on foot, according to Padilla.

The baby was unhurt.

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