Pennsylvania Dad Takes Late Son's Girlfriend to the Prom

She wasn't planning on going anymore after her boyfriend died in a car crash.

Pennsylvania high school student, Kaylee Suders, was going to opt out of going to prom as she mourned the death of her late boyfriend, until his dad stepped in to take her instead.

Carter Brown, 19, died in a car crash just a month before prom at James Buchanan High School, but his father, Robert Brown, knew that Carter would have wanted Suders to go.

Suders, 18, said she hadn't planned on going anymore following Carter's death. 

“After my son passed — the week after — it was tough," Brown said. "My wife and I talked and thought maybe it would be a good idea to ask Kaylee to go."

Brown said he called the school to make sure it was okay and then asked Suders if she'd be up to it.

"Prom tickets were already due and I didn’t want to go anymore," Suders told "He was like, 'What if I took you?’ and then he explained what he had already done and there was no way I couldn’t say yes. It was just too sweet."

Suders had previously asked the tailor who was making her dress to stop after Carter’s death, but she was able to call and have the dress ready in time for the May 19 prom. Before heading to the dance, the pair had dinner at TGI Fridays, where Suders and Carter went on their first date..

They also drove Carter’s Audi to and from the event.

"I was just amazed at just how awesome that was that he went on his own and filled Carters spot for the night," Suders said. "The dance was fun. Seeing a 50-year-old dance like that was pretty funny."

The teen said there were still moments that she “got choked up” on the day of because Carter was supposed to be there with her, but appreciated Brown filling his son's shoes for the evening.

“It was fun and we both really had a good time,” he said.