Pet Rabbit Is Best Friends With Chicken That Was Originally Intended to Be Cooked

Beng Beng the chicken and Tiao Tiao the rabbit are inseparable.
Tiao Tiao the chicken and Beng Beng the rabbit are inseparable.(Fiona Zhang)

The Arizona brought the Silkie chicken home to eat, until it got along swimmingly with their pet rabbit.

This chicken and rabbit are best friends – even though the poor flightless bird was never supposed to make it out of the kitchen.

Beng Beng the rabbit and Tiao Tiao the chicken now spend their days dining together, playing together and cuddling together.

Beng Beng the rabbit and Tiao Tiao the chicken spend time together. - (Fiona Zhang)

But Tiao Tiao was never intended to be a playmate for their pet rabbit of five years. In fact, when the Arizona family brought the Silkie home several months ago, they intended to slaughter the poultry and prepare it for a family meal.

“My mom grew up in China and if she wanted chicken, she would have to personally prepare it,” Fiona Zhang, 21, told

She even explained the breed was known to have medicinal properties in Chinese tradition.

But, when Tiao Tiao unintentionally met Beng Beng they hit it off immediately.

Beng Beng the rabbit and Tiao Tiao the chicken share a meal together. - (Fiona Zhang)

“My rabbit has always been very shy and very reserved, but when we saw it interact with the chicken, it was the first time we had seen the rabbit so happy,” Zhang said. “It really did come out of its shell.”

The family changed their mind and decided to keep Tiao Tiao as a pet, and the chicken and rabbit duo now spend their days roaming their home’s back yard.

“They get along really well,” Zhang said. “They like to cuddle with each other and can always be found near each other.”