Pets for the Elderly Ramps Up Services to Help Seniors Adopt Animals During COVID-19 Pandemic

Providing pets to seniors can help them battle the isolation and loneliness of COVID-19 restrictions.
Providing pets to seniors during the coronavirus pandemic helps the elderly to cope with coronavirus.Pets for the Elderly/Facebook

The nonprofit organization says adopting pets helps seniors cope with the isolation of coronavirus lockdowns.

A nonprofit organization is increasing its efforts to help seniors during the coronavirus pandemic by giving them reasons to live.

Pets for the Elderly announced this week it's expanding grants to animal shelters to help people aged 60 and above to pay for vet appointments, grooming and pet food. The group also helps senior citizens cover the cost of adopting pets as companions.

Pets for the Elderly

Having company in these days of social distancing can mean the world to older folks.

"Companion animals can be a crucial element in bridging the isolation gap, particularly in these challenging times," executive director Susan Kurowski told Inside Edition Digital Thursday.

"Loneliness and isolation can have a huge impact on the wellness of older adults," she said.

Pets for the Elderly

The 28-year-old organization has helped nearly 100,000 elderly people pay adoption fees at animal shelters across the nation. Having a living being to care for, and having help with that care makes a tremendous difference to the quality of lives of seniors, who have the greatest risk of contracting COVID-19 and are advised to self-quarantine during the pandemic.

"As a senior myself, I know the difference my dogs have made at this time," Kurowski said.