Philadelphia Eagles Fan Shows Her Support by Eating 2 Cheesesteaks in 13 Minutes

Kate Ovens takes on a monster meal challenge every week.

A Philadelphia Eagles fan has pledged allegiance to her team ahead of the Super Bowl by eating two foot-long cheesesteaks in just 13 minutes.

Kate Ovens, a vlogger from London, takes on a monster meal challenge every week so she easily gobbled up the two giant loaves packed with shaved steak and molten cheese.

The feast came in at an estimated 2,750 calories but Ovens — who had never eaten a Philly cheesesteak before — was left wanting more.

"From the first bite to the last, this challenge was definitely one of my favorites," she told SWNS. "They were so delicious ... I think I might have probably had room for one more."

In other videos, she's taken on a three-foot sausage roll, 10 Nutella-stuffed pancakes and a 27-inch pizza.

"I don't think I could have done what Kate did," said Philly native and restaurateur JP Teti, who made the sandwiches for Ovens. "It was awesome."

She said they were so good, she'd consider moving to Philadelphia. 

"If the Eagles eat a few cheesesteaks before the big game, I think they'll be able to take on anything," she said.