Philadelphia Flyers Mascot Gritty Ignites Social Media Firestorm

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If sports mascots are meant to strike horror into the hearts of rivals, Gritty’s got it down.

The new, googly-eyed Philadelphia Flyers mascot is getting mixed reactions from fans and opponents alike.

“This is the stuff that nightmares are made of,” one critic tweeted.

Others, however, came to the mascot's defense.

“You leave Gritty alone," a fan tweeted. "He’s a national treasure!"

Inside Edition’s Steven Fabian caught up with Gritty himself. Although he’s a mascot of few words, his hand gestures appeared to say it all.

Gritty might not be the best skater, giving a slippery debut on the ice, but the orange beast redeemed himself with his dance moves in front of cameras.

Some Flyers fans, however, are suggesting Gritty might not have drummed up enough team spirit, as the team was defeated by the Boston Bruins 4-3 after his unveiling Monday night.


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