Philly ShopRite Overrun by Looters for 15 Hours Straight, Owner Says

The supermarket's owner said they called the police but they were unable to help.

As numerous businesses in Philadelphia were looted in the most recent protests, a ShopRite says they were overrun by looters for 15 hours straight.

“We called the police and the police was unable to come for fifteen hours,” owner Jeff Brown told WPVI. “And they looted for 15 hours straight through the next day.”

Neighborhood locals were outraged, and resident Rashon Howard went on Facebook to plead for help cleaning up. Howard told Inside Edition he thought it was important to go on Facebook Live to show his neighbors the damage.

“I need someone to please explain to me how this represents getting justice for George Floyd,” he said in the Facebook Live video.

A news chopper even captured looters fleeing with armfuls of stolen goods.

The mayor and police commissioner toured the wreckage the following day and were shouted down by local residents, who are now faced with the grim reality that there is much work to be done before their local supermarket will be up and running again.