Physician Mom Shares 'Gut-Wrenching' Video of Son With COVID-19 Struggling to Breathe as Warning to Parents

In the video, the little boy named Lincoln is on oxygen in a hospital bed.

A doctor has shared gut-wrenching video of her 4-year-old son with coronavirus struggling to breathe in the hopes of showing others that no one is too young to suffer from the disease.

In the video, the little boy named Lincoln is in a hospital bed on oxygen and struggling with every breath. His mom, Dr. Anna Zimmerman tries to comfort him, saying, "Good job, buddy."

Zimmerman told Inside Edition she wants parents to know that children are not immune.

"It was hard to watch," Zimmerman said. "The coughing spasms are crazy. You could tell he couldn't catch his breath."

After five days in the hospital, Lincoln thankfully took a turn for the better and began to recover.

"He looks like himself again," Zimmerman said.