Pieces of Giant 'Fatberg' Pulled From Michigan Sewer System to Be Put on Display

Such blockages are not uncommon.

There's something lurking in this Michigan sewer and it's not Pennywise

Officials in Macomb County recently removed an enormous "fatberg" — a mass of grease, oils and non-biodegradable waste that can clog tunnels and pipes. The gross mess is 100 feet long and nearly 6 feet tall, according to the Detroit Free Press.

They now plan to put pieces of it on display as a warning to locals. 

“To put it simply, this fatberg is gross,” Candice Miller, the public works commissioner, said in a statement. "This restriction was caused by people and restaurants pouring grease and similar materials down their drains. We want to change that behavior."

Such blockages are not uncommon. In 2017, a 130-ton fatberg was successfully broken apart in London's sewer system following a nine-week battle.