Pieces of Giant 'Fatberg' Pulled From Michigan Sewer System to Be Put on Display

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There's something lurking in this Michigan sewer and it's not Pennywise

Officials in Macomb County recently removed an enormous "fatberg" — a mass of grease, oils and non-biodegradable waste that can clog tunnels and pipes. The gross mess is 100 feet long and nearly 6 feet tall, according to the Detroit Free Press.

They now plan to put pieces of it on display as a warning to locals. 

“To put it simply, this fatberg is gross,” Candice Miller, the public works commissioner, said in a statement. "This restriction was caused by people and restaurants pouring grease and similar materials down their drains. We want to change that behavior."

Such blockages are not uncommon. In 2017, a 130-ton fatberg was successfully broken apart in London's sewer system following a nine-week battle.


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