Pizza Shop Worker Fends Off Robber in Harrowing Video

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A harrowing video shows a female pizza shop worker being attacked as she tries to fend off a person during a robbery at the Washington state store. 

The footage, which was released Monday by the King County Sheriff’s Office, shows Southside Pizza employee Brittany Brophy fending off a man who busted into the White Center business via a back door late Monday.

“You’re either going to let it happen or not,” Brophy told Inside Edition. “I feel like I fully defended myself.”

In the video of the attack, a man dressed in black can be seen approaching Brophy inside an office, where she was counting money just before ending her shift. Brophy gets on the desk and tries to kick the robber to protect herself. 

The man grabs cash while still struggling with Brophy, and she tries to escape the office but is thrown across the room.

“He threw me into the printer and I hit my nose on the desk so I was bleeding,” Brophy said. “I kept going for the door and he kept shoving me back and was like, ‘No, you’re getting into the safe.’”

The suspect eventually fled. 

“When you talk about fight or flight, it’s definitely fight,” Brophy said of the encounter. 

Police are now asking for the public’s help to identify the suspect. He is described as 6 feet, 1 inch tall and was wearing a black hat, sweatshirt, pants and Nike sandals during the heist.


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