Playboy Model Groped While Doing Laundry at Hotel

Surveillance video captured the moment Hayley Bray was assaulted.

Disturbing surveillance video captured the moment a Playboy model was groped while doing her laundry at a California hotel.

Hayley Bray, 28, can be seen unloading a washing machine as a man approaches from behind and grabs her bottom. She immediately slaps him away and he leaves calmly.

"I was like, 'What the hell is going on?'" Bray told Inside Edition. 

"It was aggressive," she added. "I felt like it was an aggressive act. ... I felt very violated."

Bray then called police to report the man. Police are investigating. 

Inside Edition spoke to self-defense expert Lea Dray about what you can do if you are groped.

"One of the biggest to-dos in a situation like this is to use your voice," Dray said. 

"And she did, she created a scene," she added of the video showing Bray.

Usually that will drive a pervert away, according to Dray. But if someone is more aggressive and tries to stay, Dray said you should feel free to physically defend yourself. 

Look at the person, choose the most available target and then use your most available body part to do damage and get them to back off, according to Dray.