The Bunnies Are Back as Playboy Club Reopens in New York City After 30 Years

One critic says reopening the infamous club is a little tone deaf in the #MeToo era.

The bunnies are back as the notorious Playboy Club reopens following a 30-year absence. 

Even in the wake of the #MeToo movement, the club is keeping the iconic bunny-tail costumes.

The bunny costume caused a sensation when Hugh Hefner opened the first Playboy Club in Chicago in 1960.

At their height, there were more than 30 Playboy Clubs worldwide but changing tastes doomed the clubs, and the last American location closed its doors in 1988.

Now, Playboy bosses think the time is right to reopen in New York.

The famous bunny costumes with rabbit ears, bow ties and white cuffs have also received a makeover by Italian designer Roberto Cavalli.

“We're much more than just a female in a costume, it's about what we are representing," one of the bunnies told Inside Edition. "We're classy; we're elegant."

Framed photos from Playboy's heyday line the walls, but one critic says the decision to reopen is "completely tone deaf" in this day and age.

The New York Times calls the club "a defiant time capsule smack in the middle of #MeToo country."