Police Chase 2 Puppies on a Phoenix Highway in the Cutest Pursuit Ever

No dogs were injured in the chase.

In what may go down as the most adorable police chase to ever take place on a freeway, officers in Arizona were recently tasked with corralling two puppies in the path of oncoming traffic.

“We got a call from a concerned motorist of two dogs running on the freeway northbound I-17 near Deer Valley,” Trooper Kameron Lee with the Phoenix Department of Public Safety told CBS.

State troopers and firefighters spent about an hour trying to catch the two furry, white puppies.

One managed to make it to a nearby mobile home park, where it was finally cornered and caught.

The other barely dodged disaster on the freeway before it too saw its fun come to an end.

“Immediately, when they realized no one was going to hurt them, they just loved up on us,” an official with Animal Care and Control said. “They are really, really friendly dogs."

The dogs were not injured in the chase.

Officials are trying to determine if they have an owner and if not, the pair of pups will be put up for adoption.