Police Find Mother Falsely Believed She Had Cancer After Family's Murder-Suicide

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There was no cancer found in her body.

A Utah family was found dead in a murder-suicide last year and police say the crime was carried about because the mother became convinced she had cancer.

The family was found dead in November and a police report, obtained by PEOPLE.com, stated that 43-year-old Jessica Griffith believed she was suffering from ovarian cancer.

The mother discussed a “good time to leave” with her husband Timothy Griffith in a series of text messages, the report said.

An autopsy after her death shows Jessica Griffith was never sick. It is not clear how she became convinced she was going to die but she emailed and texted her husband about how to end all of their lives.

The couple had two children, Samantha Badel, 16, and Alexandre Griffith, 5.

“My head and stomach really hurt now,” Jessica Griffith said in one text in October. “We will never be separated and love for eternity.”

Jessica Griffith researched ovarian cancer numerous times while her husband looked up ways to carry out the murder-suicide.

In a series of texts, Jessica and her husband discuss whether they should carry out their plan the day after Thanksgiving or on Christmas Day, PEOPLE reported.

The family was found dead of gunshot wounds on November 9 inside of their home. The children had been given sleeping pills inside of their hot chocolate, police said.

The family had reportedly just moved to Utah from Switzerland last July. The police report also reportedly suggested that the couple was having marital problems. 

Timothy Griffith was reportedly having contact with other women through Craigslist.

The couple was already married when they initially met, but later both separated from their former spouses.