Police Identify Boy Found Inside Suitcase in Indiana, One Person Arrested but Child’s Mom at Large

Las Vegas Suitcase
Indiana State Police

The boy’s mother, identified as Atlanta, Georgia, native Dejaune Ludie Anderson, 37, remains at large.

Indiana State Police have identified the boy who was found dead inside a suitcase in April as 5-year-old Cairo Ammar Jordan of Atlanta, Georgia, Fox 59 Reported.

Sgt. Carey Huls of the Indiana State Police announced Wednesday that physical evidence led them to identify the suspects as well as the child. Police used just about every tool at their disposal to investigate the boy’s death and uncover his identity, he said, according to Fox 59.

The child would have turned 6 on Monday, Huls said.

In June, an autopsy determined that the little boy found dead inside a suitcase in Indiana died due to an electrolyte imbalance. The autopsy report said the little boy likely suffered from a viral gastroenteritis, which caused the imbalance. Such a condition could lead to vomiting and diarrhea, which could then lead to dehydration, officials said at the time. There were no foreign substances in the child’s system, and he had no significant external injuries.

Sgt. Huls also announced that one person, Louisiana native Dawn Elaine Coleman, 40, was arrested in San Francisco in connection with the case.

The San Francisco Criminal Courts tells Inside Edition Digital that Coleman has “waived extradition” and has not entered a plea, and her next court appearance will be November 22. The courts says she was charged as a fugitive and had a felony warrant.

Coleman is being represented by a public defender. Inside Edition Digital has reached out to her attorney for comment but has not heard back.

Inside Edition Digital has reached out to the San Francisco District Attorney’s office for comment on this story but has not heard back.

The boy’s mother, identified as Atlanta, Georgia, native Dejaune Ludie Anderson, 37, remains at large. Attempts to locate her have been unsuccessful so far, Huls said.

Both women were wanted on charges of neglect of a dependent and obstruction of justice, with the warrants being issued on Oct. 14, Fox 59 reported.

A subsequent murder warrant for Anderson was issued on Oct. 25, according to Sgt. Huls.

Cops say Anderson was last seen in the Echo Park area of Los Angeles, California, and also traveled to Houston, Las Vegas, San Diego and San Francisco.

Indiana State Police have taken to Twitter to ask the public for help in finding Anderson.

She has been described by police as “a Black Female, 5-05, approximately 135 pounds. She had short, dark brown hair in her last known photo (shown below), but she is known to often wear wigs or hair extensions.”

Cops say they have contacted the boy’s biological father about what occurred.

“Why did you even have the nerve or the audacity to dispose of him like that?,”Mary Jane Jordan, Cairo’s great grandmother told Wave 3. “I just want to know what happened. The baby didn’t deserve that. He was sweet.”

Inside Edition Digital has reached out to the Indiana State Police for comment on this story but has not heard back.

The boy’s body was found inside a suitcase with a Las Vegas street sign logo on it in Indiana in April after a mushroom hunter stumbled across the remains before calling 911.

Cops say that Anderson took to social media and believed her son was possessed by a demon.

The posts, dated between December 2021 and April 2022, appeared to show Anderson believed her son was a demon who needed to be killed or exorcised, Fox 59 reported.

In a Jan. 5, 2022, post, she wrote, “I’m using my blood for this ritual,” according to a court document obtained by Fox 59.

Over a month later, she wrote that she needed to get in alignment to exorcise “a very powerful demonic force from within my son,” court documents obtained by Fox 59 said.

In a March 2022 post, she wrote, “Stop getting caught up in the vessels of this realm. You guys get caught up with how old the body is, if they adult and kids, etc. Don’t even know it’s a full-grown demon in the child body telling you what to do because you didn’t choose your soul. Better start using your 3rd eye,” court documents obtained by Fox 59 reported.

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