Police Looking at Pamela Hupp in Stabbing of Best Friend, Wife of Man She Tried to Frame

Pamela Hupp was sentenced to life in prison.
O'Fallon Police Department

Pamela Hupp is already serving life in prison for fatally shooting a random man in August 2016.

Pamela Hupp, the Missouri woman convicted of killing a disabled man in a framing plot against her best friend's husband, is now being investigated in connection with the stabbing death of that friend.

Hupp is serving life in prison for fatally shooting a random man in August 2016. She was found guilty of luring Louis Gumpenberger to her home, planting a knife and note in his pocket and shooting him before calling 911 to report a burglar. 

The note in Gumpenberger's pocket made it seem as if he was hired to kidnap and kill Hupp by Russ Faria, the husband of Hupp's best friend, Betsy Faria.

Betsy was stabbed 55 times in December 2011. She had been suffering from cancer and recently signed over her life insurance policy to Hupp, whom she was last seen with before her death. Russ found Betsy's body after she was killed and then implicated Hupp in her death. However, Russ was convicted of his wife's killing in 2013.

Two years later though, Russ' conviction was overturned, renewing questions about Betsy's true killer. 

Prosecutors argued that Hupp wanted to escape the spotlight of the case, so she plotted the incident with Gumpenberger as a way to frame Russ for wrongdoing.

Gumpenberger's family called Hupp a "monster," "disgusting" and a "serial killer."

Prosecutors announced this week they are reopening Betsy's unsolved case and that Hupp is a subject in the probe.