Police Rescue 89-Year-Old Woman Who Was Trapped Beneath Her Bed for 6 Days

'It is a miracle that she is alive,' a Miami Beach Police Officer who saved Violeta Pilgrim said.

An elderly woman found trapped beneath her bed in Florida is recovering after she miraculously survived nearly a week without food or water.

A close friend of 89-year-old Violeta Pilgrim called Miami Beach police after he hadn't heard from her in more than five days, WSVN reports.

Officers knocked on Pilgrim’s front door, but received no answer and decided to let themselves in through a window. 

That's when they found Pilgrim pinned under her mattress, where she'd been for days.

"She was trapped in her mattress. She did not move from that position for six days," said Miami Beach Police Officer Pablo Gonzalez. "It is a miracle that she is alive."

Bodycam footage released by police shows how urgently Gonzalez, along with Officer Whismick Charles, worked to help Pilgrim.

According to police, the officers dragged a piece of concrete to prop themselves into the unit. As an officer raised the bed frame, he was able to pull Pilgrim out.

Pilgrim is now recovering. The officers who saved her have been commended for their actions.