Police Search for Man Suspected of Stealing $400 Worth of Beef Jerky

“You read that correctly," police said. "Beef jerky."

The hunt is on for the Beef Jerky Bandit!

Police are searching for a man they said brazenly walked off with hundreds of dollars' worth of dried meats from an Oklahoma convenience store.

The suspect allegedly stole beef jerky from a convenience store on the 4400 block of W. Reno Ave. in Oklahoma City in November, cops said.

“This man walked into a convenience store... and stole over $400 worth of beef jerky,” the Oklahoma City Police Department said on their Facebook page, releasing images of the alleged suspect in hopes of bringing him to justice. “You read that correctly... beef jerky. Investigators hope that with surveillance photos this good, it won't take long to identify this meat bandit."

How the alleged thief transported hundreds of dollars’ worth of jerky out of the store without being noticed is unclear. Authorities also have not released a motive.