Police Violence Captured on Video at Weekend Protests Nationwide

Police Clash
Getty Images

Disturbing incidents involving police have been caught on video at several protests against police brutality over the weekend. The demonstrations happened in at least 140 different cities around the country in the wake of last week's fatal of arrest of George Floyd in Minneapolis.

And while many were peaceful, mayhem and rage gripped many cities late into the evening. One police officer in Seattle appears to place his knee on a suspect's neck, similar to the maneuver that led to Floyd's death. In this case, a nearby officer quickly jerked away his knee several seconds later. 

In Atlanta, two students were tased and dragged out of their cars for breaking curfew. Two police officers involved have been fired. 

As police cleared a street in Minneapolis, a family watching from their own porch came under fire with paint balls.

In Houston, a cop on horseback trampled a woman during a protest. Mayor Sylvester Turner apologized on social media. 

The NYPD is under fire over an incident in which two police SUVs were pounded with projectiles, then lurched forward into the crowd. No one was seriously injured, and Police Commissioner Dermot Shea defended the officers on Monday.

Many police are also finding themselves facing violence at protests. One woman was charged with allegedly hurling a molotov cocktail at a police van with four cops inside, although it didn't ignite. 

There are fears Monday that all the unrest and densely packed crowds could trigger a spike in COVID-19 cases just as states are starting to reopen.


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