Pop-Up Stores Modeled After Netflix’s ‘Stranger Things’ Open in New York and Los Angeles

The stores opened on November 6 and feature many familiar locations from the show.

Fans of Netflix's hit show "Stranger Things" will have the opportunity for a limited time to immerse themselves in replica sets and buy themed merch at pop-up stores in New York and Los Angeles.

"This is the first official 'Stranger Things' store," Philipp Edelmann, the manager of Experiences at Netflix, said.

The stores feature many familiar spots from the show too

"So, we have Joyce's living room. We have the Starcourt Mall. We have a Russian lab with a working 'rift' engine, Edelmann explains. "We have Hawkins high with rats in a locker and, of course, the Palace Arcade, where you can play the iconic games that are featured in the show."

And here's the literal twist: the store even turns upside down every 20 minutes.

The stores opened on "Stranger Things" day, November 6. In the show, that's the date Will Byers went missing in 1983, and his disappearance is what set the whole story into motion.

As for the season four premiere? Netflix is dropping that next summer.

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