Pope Francis Sneaks Out of Vatican to Get Himself a CD

Pope Francis
Getty Images

In what could be a scene from a Fellini film, he left the store and jumped into a nondescript Fiat 500 with Vatican plates.

Pope Francis is a passionate papal who is dedicated to his religion and helping others, but he also loves the things that bring him joy in life like soccer and music. To that end, the pope snuck out of the Vatican on Tuesday to visit a record store, the National Catholic Reporter said.

The pontiff was photographed by a reporter coming out of a downtown Rome record shop late Tuesday with a CD, Reuters reported.

The music store is reportedly owned by friends of the 85-year-old Argentine pontiff, Reuters said.

The Vatican later confirmed that Pope Francis did in fact visit StereoSound record shop near the ancient Pantheon for a little more than 10 minutes Tuesday night to bless the shop as it had recently been renovated, Reuters said.

When Pope Francis was known as Cardinal Jorge Mario Bergoglio he was a customer during his visits to Rome, and had promised the owners he would return when he became the head of the Catholic Church, Yahoo! News reported.

Pope Francis, who loves tango and milonga music from his native Argentina, reportedly didn’t buy anything, however, the owners of the store gave him the CD which he was seen leaving with, Yahoo! News said.

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