Popular Florida Bar Writes Offensive Post on Instagram Calling Out Teachers, Trans Women and Mask Wearers

Florida beach
Photo by Mike Ehrmann/Getty Images

Kavasutra Kava Bar which has locations across South Florida, New York, Arizona, and Colorado, has a record of historically posting offensive social media posts,

A popular bar has once again posted inappropriate social media posts calling out teachers, transgender women and mask wearers just as the governor plans to lift the state mask requirements.

Kavasutra Kava Bar, which has locations across South Florida, New York, Arizona and Colorado, has a record of historically posting offensive social media posts, the Miami New Times reported. In 2018, the bar owner reportedly called out members of the transgender community, referencing the requirements for "ladies night" includes "being women from birth," the Sun-Sentinel reported.

Last week, the bar once again entered into controversy with a post that appeared to take issue with educators who have chosen to not return to in-person teaching. 

"Any and all grade school teachers who by choice have opted not to return to in-person teaching are hereby banned from any and all Kavasutra Kava Bar locations," the bar wrote last Tuesday.

"Masks are for leftists losers, teachers unions are trash, women are born with ovaries, and we are doing slams at midnight tonight," it wrote in a follow-up post after receiving public backlash.

The remarks come as Republican Gov. Ron DeSantis has begun publicly demanding local officials rollback on mask requirements across the state of Florida, the Herald-Tribune reported. Critics are emphasizing the importance of local enforcement especially since the governor never imposed a state-wide mask requirement.

Meanwhile, over the weekend, hundreds of vacationers and spring breakers were arrested by Miami Beach police after ignoring COVID-19 protocols, according to city authorities.

Miami Beach police announced Friday that they were responding to "large" and "disorderly" crowds gathering. Two officers were injured as a result.

"We've got too many people coming, we've got too many people acting out and we have COVID at the same time so it's a triple threat," Miami Beach Mayor Dan Gelber told CBS Miami.

There were over 100 arrests, 13 guns seized and over 900 citations written over the weekend, officials said.

“If you’re coming here because you think anything goes, you’re going to have a terrible time. We’re going to arrest you. We’ve made hundreds and hundreds of arrests,” he said.

Florida over the weekend also saw 3,699 new cases, Click Orlando reported. Starting Monday, more individuals are eligible to receive the vaccine, opening up to individuals 60 and over.