Pregnant Widow Appeals for Help Finding Suspect Who Pushed Boulder Off Overpass, Killing Husband

Police in California are now seeking the person responsible.

A pregnant woman is now pleading for justice after cops say a boulder that smashed into their windshield, killing her husband, was intentionally pushed from a highway overpass.

The California Highway Patrol is asking the public for help finding the person they say dropped the rock onto the 134 Freeway in Pasadena and onto the car of 23-year-old Christopher Lopez and his 21-year-old pregnant wife, Guadalupe Gutierrez.

The 35-pound boulder smashed through the windshield and onto Lopez's chest as Gutierrez drove, according to CHP. 

Gutierrez drove her husband to Glendale Adventist Medical Center, but he could not be saved. Their 4-year-old daughter was also in the car, but she was not injured. 

Sobbing to reporters, the young widow pleaded for help bringing whoever is at fault to justice.

"He's gone," Gutierrez said through tears. "But I'm asking for your help. If anyone saw anything, please help us."

In the meantime, police hope to get DNA from the volleyball-sized rock, hoping it leads them to a suspect.