Preschool Sweethearts Separated at Age 5 Become Husband and Wife

They're love story was 22 years in the making.

A pair of newlyweds have a love story unlike any other. It started 22 years ago, when they were in preschool in Ocala, Florida.

Even as kids, Natalie Crowe and Austin Tatman were inseparable and did everything together. Their preschool teacher, Beth Summers, knew they had something special.

"They were always hanging out together and that's kind of unusual at this age for boys and girls to always be together, but those two were always pretty close,” Summers recalled to Inside Edition. 

She still has their class photo hanging on her wall. 

Alas, 19 years ago, Natalie's family moved 1,100 miles away to Connecticut.
The two friends took one last photo together at age 5 before losing contact, saying there weren't resources to connect back then like there is now. 

Twelve years later, Natalie found an old address book with Austin's last name in it, and she reached out on Facebook.

"Immediately we started sending messages back and forth and sharing memories,” she recalled. 

One day, she was visiting her old hometown and the duo reconnected. 

"As soon as we got some alone time, I was like, this is my soulmate,” Natalie said. 

They began dating long-distance, even going to senior prom together. 

Years later, it was time for him to do what destiny called for and pop the question. 

"I had all of her family come out and each of them had a sign that made up, ‘Will You Marry Me?’” Austin said. 

"I fell on the ground instantly,” Natalie said after seeing the sign. 

The couple recently got married, even recreating one of their favorite preschool photos on their wedding day.

The couple says they were made for each other.