President Biden Calls on Gov. Cuomo to Resign After Scathing Sexual Harassment Report

Governor Andrew Cuomo
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The Democratic governor of New York is accused of sexually harassing at least 11 women, and inappropriately touching some of them. Cuomo has denied the allegations.

President Joe Biden has joined House Speaker Nancy Pelosi and other lawmakers in calling for Governor Andrew Cuomo's resignation in the wake of Tuesday's scathing report from the attorney general's office that detailed allegations of sexual harassment from 11 women. 

The president unflinchingly answered "yes" when asked whether Cuomo should resign. 

"I think he should resign. I understand that the state legislature may decide to impeach. I don't know that for a fact. I have not read all that data," Biden said at a press conference Tuesday. 

Asked about the embraces between Cuomo and other men and women that have been widely documented and photographed, Biden said that though some embraces might have been innocent, he still refers to the investigation's credibility. 

"I am sure there were some embraces that were totally innocent, but apparently the attorney general decided that there were things that weren't." 

The lengthy report indicates that Cuomo's sexual misconduct was not limited to his current and former staff members but also includes a state trooper and an employee of the National Grid energy company.

Following the release of the investigation, Cuomo denied sexually harassing anyone and on a live broadcast Tuesday he addressed various women who came forward with allegations and apologized.

“The facts are much different from what has been portrayed," he said from Albany. “I never touched anyone inappropriately or made inappropriate sexual advances. I am 63 years old. I have lived my entire adult life in public view. That is just not who I am, and that’s not who I have ever been.”

House Speaker Nancy Pelosi also called for the governor's resignation, saying, "recognizing his love of New York and the respect for the office he holds, I call upon the governor to resign."

At least 55 of the 63 members of the New York State Senate, which would be the legislative body voting on his removal, have also called for his resignation, CNN reported. The members of senate would also be joined by seven judges from the New York Court of Appeals to vote on any impeachment articles.

A two-thirds vote would be required to remove the governor.

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