'The Prince Harry' Pub Launches 'Harry and Meghan Ale' for Royal Wedding

But how does it taste? Inside Edition put it to the test.

A British pub called The Prince Harry is selling a special beer called "Harry & Meghan's Windsor Knot" in time for the royal wedding, and the reviews are in.

"It's really good!" Inside Edition's Alison Hall said after taking a sip. "I understand why it's flying off the shelves."

Staff at the pub in Windsor, the town where the couple will marry Saturday, told Inside Edition they've sold out of the pale ale twice already.

"But I think we have enough in now to last us throughout the wedding," said pub landlady Kelly Carpenter.

The pub, which was previously called The Three Tuns, was re-named The Prince Harry ahead of the royal wedding festivities.

"It was always going to be The Prince Harry before he announced that he was getting married," she said. "He's one of the favorites. He went to school here ... so they've grown up around here as well. It's an honor, really."

Once the wedding date was announced, "it was a race against time to get everything done in time for the wedding," she said.

Business is booming, Carpenter said, but there's one more person they're hoping to impress: The prince himself.

"He's going to go past that front door [on the wedding day] and hopefully he'll see it," Carpenter said.

The special beer, Harry & Meghan's Windsor Knot, is brewed by the Windsor & Eton Brewery. Harry attended Eton School in Windsor, as did his big brother, William.

"I think that might be my new favorite beer," Hall said. "I might just drink this whole thing."

The beer isn't the only wedding-themed item on the menu. There's also the Harry burger — "basically an English breakfast in a bun" — and the Meghan burger.

It's "your classic American burger with your burger, your salad, your cheese and all the works," Carpenter said.