Prince William and Kate Middleton to Name Their Third Child Albert?

Is new royal baby's name Albert?
What is the new baby's name?Getty

The third child born to Prince William and Kate Middleton has not been publicly named.

Prince William said Thursday that he and Kate Middleton were still "working on" a name for their new baby son.

But there's a lot of chatter that their third child, born on Monday, is called Prince Albert.

A page on the Royals' website reportedly listed the name on a thread that read "access denied." 

Albert is now the favorite of bookies, with its odds plummeting to just 4 to 6. Arthur is also an often-mentioned name, with its odds listed at 6 to 4.

The names of George and Charlotte, the couple's elder children, were announced two days after their births.

The Prince and Princess of Wales, Charles and Diana, waited a week before releasing William as the name of their firstborn son.