Prince William 'Pleased' to Have Prince Harry in Parenting Club

The brothers can now bond over their lack of sleep.

Proud Uncle William and Aunt Kate gave a warm welcome to the new royal baby

“I'm very pleased and glad to welcome my own brother into the sleep deprivation society that is parenting,” Prince William joked about the birth of his brother's son. 
Kate Middleton added that the timing couldn't be better, saying, “Spring is in the air." 

But the pair is as much in the dark as the public when it comes to the baby's name. 

"We're looking forward to meeting him and finding out what his name's going to be so, so it's really exciting for both of them and we wish them all the best. These next few weeks are always a bit daunting the first time around," said Kate. 

It’s a nonstop party in Windsor, which holds significant value to Harry and Meghan as that is where they got married last year. 

As the royal couple nest with their newborn, Inside Edition spoke to royal commentator Amanda Holden about how the nation is celebrating. 

"The Sussexes have really grasped the imagination of Great Britain, everybody is talking about it," Holden said. 

New details are emerging, and according to the latest accounts, the new mother’s dream of a home birth were dashed at the final hour. 

The royal couple arrived at the Portland Hospital late at night. Megan was in labor, just hours from giving birth. They likely picked that hospital because it's private. It's also pricey, as a delivery there can cost up to $26,000.

With the duchess eight days past her due date, she is said to have agreed that she needed to deliver the baby at the hospital. 

The ride to the hospital is 20 miles away from Windsor in central London and was achieved in total secrecy.

Holden said she had her eldest daughter at Portland Hospital and it is a “gorgeous” hospital. 

A hospital spokesman refused to confirm or deny whether baby Sussex was delivered there.

Meghan's mother, Doria Ragland, was apparently actively involved in the delivery and trained with a doula who is an expert on providing guidance during labor. Ragland is also said to have enrolled in grandparent classes with Hollywood’s top baby care expert, Brandi Jordan, known as the Baby Sleep Fairy.

The royal baby's nursery is said to be decorated in gender-neutral colors like gray. London's most exclusive baby store is Dragons of Walton Street, where gray colors are in vogue.