Princess Diana's Butler Says Meghan Markle Is Struggling Like She Did

Paul Burrell said he knows the look on Meghan's face.

Inside Edition spoke with Princess Diana's butler and confidante, Paul Burrell, who said Meghan Markle looks as miserable as Diana.

He was referring to the interview Markle gave to ITV, which is airing Wednesday on ABC. The interview is being compared with Diana's notorious 1995 appearance when she talked about her own unhappiness. 

“Meghan looked as if she was wounded. And I’ve seen that before from my princess, living with Diana all those years being vilified by the media. It reminded me of those days,” Burrell said. 

He also said Diana would be heartbroken over the alleged rift between Prince Harry and his brother, Prince William.

The BBC reports today that William is "furious" over the interview and their relationship is "irreparably changed."

“Their mother would say, 'Boys, come on. Get along with your lives and do it together.' Their mission is to fulfill their mother's destiny,” he said.