Prison Guards Will Try to 'Rattle' Felicity Huffman, Says Former Inmate

Felicity Huffman was sentenced to 14 days behind bars for her role in the college admissions scandal.

Felicity Huffman was sentenced to 14 days behind bars for her role in the college admissions scandal. 

Prosecutors had wanted Huffman to serve a month behind bars.

Huffman broke down in court, emotionally recalling a conversation with her daughter when she learned of the plot.

“'I don’t know who you are anymore, Mom,'" Huffman said her daughter said. "'Why didn’t you think I could do it on my own?'”

It's believed she'll serve that time at Victorville Federal Prison near her home in California. Inside Edition spoke to prison consultant Holli Coulman about what Huffman should expect. After all, Coulman knows firsthand: She spent 13 months at Victorville for wire fraud. 

Coulman said Huffman will be treated like any other prisoner, cleaning bathrooms on her hands and knees. 

When she arrives, her time will start with a strip search. 

"They're gonna go through your hair," she said. "... And then you have to squat and cough."

And, Coulman added, that's not the only indignity that Huffman will face. 

"You get harassment, you are demeaned, you are yelled at," she said.

Coulman said the other inmates will probably leave Huffman alone and that it's the guards that she will need to watch out for. 

"They're going to probably try and rattle her cage a little bit more," said Coulman. 

Huffman can expect to get paid for her work in prison — about 16 cents an hour. 

So for anyone who thinks Huffman is heading for a country-club prison, it's "100% not," Coulman assured.