QAnon's Logic-Defying Beliefs Are Tearing Apart People's Relationships

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QAnon, the right-wing conspiracy group that believes President Donald Trump is on a mission from God to save the nation from pedophiles who run a global sex-trafficking ring, is tearing families apart with its adherents' logic-defying beliefs.

Kim Holmberg said she broke up with her live-in boyfriend over his belief in QAnon.

“I had a full, lovely, amazing, beautiful year with him before QAnon came into existence,” Holmberg told Inside Edition.

Tina Roberts said her marriage came close to breaking up.

“I spent many nights alone, sitting on the couch while he was sleeping, mourning the loss of my husband,” Roberts told Inside Edition. “Grieving the loss of him. And then just coming to an understanding that I had to let this go.”

Kit Apperson, 26, says the relationship that’s been destroyed is with her mother.

“It’s just the constant talk of pedophilia and Satan worship and how it’s all going to come out and the end times are upon us,” Apperson told Inside Edition. “And it’s gotten to the point where even just casual conversations with her or watching a movie—it’s impossible to do or get all the way through without some argument happening.”

Apperson added, “I don’t really think that there’s a way to bring her out of it since she’s so deeply entrenched at this point.”


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