Queens Neighborhood Under Attack by Vicious Squirrels

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Cute squirrels that people feed in the park aren't usually thought of as vicious, but one neighborhood in Queens is under attack by a cluster of squirrels that are so aggressive, some residents are scared to leave their homes.

Michelin Frederick had to be hospitalized after repeatedly getting bitten by a crazed squirrel.

“It came out of nowhere. We're not sure if it came from that direction. It just came running up,” she told Inside Edition.

An image from her home surveillance camera shows the squirrel latching onto her left hand, which was bloodied in the attack.

“We started a wrestling match, and I lost — badly," Frederick said.

Her neighbors have also been tormented by the aggressive squirrels. Vinti Singh was recording a squirrel on her family’s mailbox when it suddenly pounced.

“I'm really afraid at this point that there's something going on where the squirrels are ill and spreading it, because this is not normal behavior for squirrels," Singh said.

The neighbors have banded together to hire a professional squirrel trapper to help solve the problem. So far, no squirrel has been caught.

If you're bitten by a squirrel, experts say you should always go see your doctor right away in case of the rare possibility it has rabies.


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