Why You Should Not Feed Squirrels

Inside Edition explains why feeding squirrels is not a good idea.

While squirrels are adorable, they can also be potentially dangerous

An incident occurred at an Orlando retirement home after a squirrel entered the building and jumped on senior citizens and attacked them. 

Inside Edition found videos posted all over online showing squirrels climbing up people’s legs, jumping at people and even chasing them.

In one instance, surveillance video obtained by Inside Edition shows young mom Akiko Matsuzawa carrying her toddler when she was suddenly attacked and bitten by a squirrel in a parking lot in California.

In New York's Central Park, Inside Edition found plenty of people handing out food and getting up close to squirrels who had lost their natural fear of humans. 

“Some are aggressive, most are nice,” one woman told Inside Edition. 

New York Licenced Wildlife Rehabilitator Barbara Bellens-Picon says the squirrels should not be fed by humans, as it creates a potentially serious situation. 

“They are very intelligent,” she told Inside Edition. “She thinks I have food and she's actually habituated to people feeding her. But this is dangerous because ... she could actually jump on me right now.”