FBI Agent Allegedly Chased 2 Teens With Gun Over Silly Prank

A silly prank by two teens ended with the boys being held at gunpoint, according to one of their fathers. 

A silly prank by two teens ended with the boys being held at gunpoint, according to one of their fathers

Moments after one of the teens socked an inflatable snowman decoration outside a home while the other watched, the home's owner allegedly came charging out with a gun in hand. 

The two teens ran like the dickens down the block with the homeowner giving chase the entire way, one of the fathers said.

The boys sought sanctuary inside the house where 14-year-old Christian Perry lives. And that's where, Christian's father says, the enraged homeowner kicked in the door and held the boys at gunpoint. 

"This is the first thing I saw," dad Chris Perry said. "A guy just like this pointing a gun at my son and his friend. I then came sprinting at him and tackled him out the door. The boys were here, I slammed the door."

The boy's father said he was in total disbelief. 

"So many things in that situation could have gone so wrong. He could be dead, I could be dead, my son could be dead," he added.

But an even bigger shock was yet to come, according to the dad. As it turns out, the homeowner who gave chase is a special agent with the FBI, which may explain how he was allegedly able to kick in the door. 

"Is that the type of guy you want being in law enforcement, supposed to help you and protect you? Hmmm probably not," said Perry.

Police charged Special Agent Michael Corrigan with felony assault with a deadly weapon and burglary. But it took the district attorney almost a year to file a criminal complaint and the case has been repeatedly delayed. Nineteen months later, Corrigan is still on the job. 

"If it was me or my son that did that, we'd be in jail, we'd be in prison," the dad said. 

The boy's father said he believes Corrigan is receiving special treatment. 

Inside Edition Chief Investigative Correspondent Lisa Guerrero caught up with Corrigan as he was leaving court, which was once again delayed. 

"This case has been going on for almost two years, is your client receiving special treatment?" asked Guerrero.

"No, he is not," replied Corrigan's lawyer.

As for Christian, he did not get away scot-free. He was issued a juvenile citation for vandalism. 

And if he had to do it all over again? Well, he'd leave the snowman alone, he said. 

The district attorney has now reduced the charges against the FBI agent to exhibiting a firearm in the presence of another person and aggravated trespass. The agent has pleaded not guilty.