‘Queer Eye’ Appearance Helps Georgia Man Win Back His Estranged Wife

The couple remarried in May during a Tennessee ceremony.

Tom Jackson is showing his gratitude to the Fab Five of Netflix's "Queer Eye" for helping him rekindle the romance with his one true love

Jackson, 58, appeared in the premiere episode of Netflix’s "Queer Eye" reboot, and instantly became a fan favorite. 

The divorced dad got a second chance at life with the help of the guys, who put him on a diet, redecorated his bachelor pad and overhauled his wardrobe. 

Jackson's change was motivated by his desire to win back his ex-wife, Abby Parr, and after cleaning up his act, the pair reunited.

In May, the couple remarried in Tennessee and they have since moved into a new home together

"It feels really great," Jackson told Inside Edition. "It feels like we're making up for a lot of lost time."

Clearly proud of the engagement ring he got for Parr, he could not wait to show it off to Inside Edition’s cameras. 

Jackson still beams with excitement about his wedding day. He said Parr "looked so beautiful," adding "she always does." 

He shared photos of the wedding ceremony on Twitter.

The couple loves re-watching their episode of "Queer Eye" and Jackson is proud to report he has kept up with his diet and stylish wardrobe.