Rare Albino Turtle with Yellow Skin and Shell Found in India

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A rare sighting has left scientists in India mesmerized as a yellow turtle with an albino mutation has been found in India.

Forest officials in Eastern India recently caught the turtle, after some locals spotted its unusual coloration.

It’s suspected that the yellow reptile is an albino mutation of a common turtle.

“Truly it is very rare. I have not seen such a turtle in my life ever,” Wildlife Warden Bhanoomitra Acharya told Asian News International.

Albinism is a type of genetic disorder where there is little or no production of pigment in the skin, eyes and hair — or in other species the fur, feathers or scales. Leaving the animal to be fully white.

While experts say albinoism is rare and often animals that do have have a hard time surviving in the wild, but non-mammals like turtles, may not appear fully white because they can produce other pigments in addition to melanin.


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