Rare Twin Elephants Born at Kenyan Park

Twins haven't been born at the park since 2006, and sadly they died shortly after.

Twin elephants were welcomed into the world at the Samburu National Reserve in Northern Kenya, People reported.

The male and female twins, who don’t have names yet, were discovered by guides from the park's Elephant Watch Camp on Sunday, and were a day old when they were found, according to Save the Elephants (STE), a non profit that works with the park.

"Twins are rarely encountered in elephant populations — and form around only 1% of births," STE founder Iain Douglas-Hamilton said in a statement. "Quite often the mothers don't have enough milk to support two calves.

Only one other pair of twins has been recorded in the park in 2006, but both twins died after they were found.

"The next few days will be touch and go for the new twins, but we all have our fingers crossed for their survival," Douglas-Hamilton  said.

The twins will continue to be monitored. They twins are the second and third child for their mother, Bora.

Researchers also said they saw Bora’s first calf near the twins on Sunday. African Elephants often carry their calves for 22 months.

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