‘Ratatouille’ Musical Inspired by TikTok Raises $1 Million for Out of Work Entertainers

The hour-long musical featured a star studded cast, including actor Wayne Brady and singer Adam Lambert.

The “Ratatouille” musical that began as a trend on TikTok took to a virtual Broadway stage over the weekend, raising more than $1 million for the Actors Fund benefiting out of work entertainers.

“It makes me so emotional watching you watch me perform your song,” actor Wayne Brady, who performed on the star-studded cast, told TikToker Gabbi Bolt. “I think you have such a big future and I am honored I got to be a part of it and sing your rat song.”

Bolt, who had originally written the song as a part of a viral trend, was in tears hearing Brady’s praise.

During the hour-long musical, which was entirely performed and enjoyed virtually, Brady performed along other stars like singer Adam Lambert, actor Ashley Park of “Emily in Paris” and actor Andrew Barth Feldman of “Dear Evan Hansen.”

“Did this really happen?” Emily Jacobsen, who came up with the original jingle that kicked off the TIkTok trend, told Inside Edition Digital ahead of the show’s premiere. “I’m not waking up from this everlasting dream.”