Remains of U.S. Soldiers Heading Home After North Korea Releases War Dead

The remains of 55 Korean War soldiers are on their way home.

The remains of what are believed to be 55 U.S. soldiers are on their way home after they were released by the government of North Korea.

The boxes were covered with United Nations flags in a somber ceremony held Wednesday at Osan Air Base in South Korea. 

The commander of United States Forces Korea, Gen. Vincent Brooks, spoke in a cavernous hangar where foreign dignitaries laid wreaths to honor the dead.

"For the warrior, this is a cherished duty," Brooks said. "A commitment made to one another before going into battle, and passed on from one generation of warriors to the next."

The cases were carried by van to a tarmac, where they were loaded onto a cargo plane bound for Hawaii.

The remains will be greeted by Vice President Mike Pence upon arrival. Pence's father was awarded a Bronze Star for his service in the Korean War.

The boxes are being returned as part of an agreement reached last month between President Trump and North Korean dictator Kim Jong Un.