Rescuers Work and Residents Take Stock Following Massive Explosion in Beirut

An enormous explosion Tuesday killed at least 100 and injured more than 4,000 others, authorities said.

Rescuers worked to free people trapped under debris and neighbors took stock of the devastation following a massive explosion in the Lebanese capital of Beirut

One man was freed from the rubble Wednesday after being trapped for more than 16 hours. 

The massive blast sent a mushroom cloud into the sky, and so far has killed at least 100 people and injured more than 4,000, CBS News reported

Authorities believe it was caused by improperly story ammonium nitrate, a chemical used in fertilizer, Al Jazeera reported. An estimated 250,000 people have been displaced following the disaster, and people have stepped in to help, using the hashtag #OurHomesAreOpen in Arabic and English to offer their extra beds and couches to those who have lost their homes. 

The damage the blast caused to the city's major port and grain silos is also troubling. Estimates suggest that 85 percent of the country's grain supply was in the destroyed silos, according to CBS News. The country is already grappling with an economic crisis and the coronavirus pandemic. 

Lebanon declared a three-day mourning period following the disaster as well as a state of emergency.