Restaurant Admits It Gets Its Chicken From Popeyes

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A California restaurant admits it buys fast food chicken from Popeyes and serves it to its customers. 

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The restaurant found itself in hot water recently after a customer ordered Pop's Chicken and Waffles at The Sweet Dixie Kitchen in Long Beach, Calif., and noticed something strange.

“The chicken they use is from Popeyes!,” the customer wrote on Yelp. “Before my friends and I got seated we saw them quickly bring in two large boxes of Popeyes to the kitchen.” 
They age-old saying that the “customer is always right” has never rang more true, as the restaurant’s owner, Kim Sanchez, admitted it freely.

“I love it," she said. "I can stand behind it. I can proudly say this is the best product for this dish.” 

She acknowledged that every day, she walks three blocks to the local Popeyes to buy the chicken before re-selling it in her restaurant.

The chicken is reheated in her oven.

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“We never tried to hide it, which is why I walk through front door with it," Sanchez said. "When people order it, I tell them. It's not on my menu as Popeyes chicken because I can't get the approval from Popeyes.” 

She says 95 percent of her food is homemade so she doesn’t' understand the uproar.