Retired Cop Reunites With Family of State Trooper He Delivered 27 Years Ago

Twenty-seven years earlier, Matthew Bailly helped bring Michael Patterson into the world.

A New Jersey state trooper who recently pulled over the officer who delivered him in a bizarre coincidence has reunited with the cop. 

It was the traffic stop of Trooper Michael Patterson's career when he pulled over retired police officer Matthew Bailly for having tinted windows. But once the two started talking, they realized they had a history. 

Having grown up in Piscataway, N.J., Patterson and the retired police officer started talking about the area. It turns out the officer had delivered Patterson at his home 27 years earlier.

"I think it was divine-inspired," Patterson told Inside Edition. "There's no chance this type of thing just happens by accident."

Bailly was not given a ticket. 

Inside Edition’s cameras were rolling as Bailly later reunited with Patterson’s mother, who was in labor as Bailly responded to her home nearly 30 years ago. Then a young officer, he helped bring her son into the world. 

She was overcome with emotion as she thanked Bailly for coming to her aid all those years ago. 

“If it was just me by myself, I don’t know what I would have done,” she said as tears flooded her eyes. 

Also present was Patterson’s wife, who is pregnant. Bailly took the opportunity to give the cop some noteworthy advice. 

"At the first mention of something happening, take her to the hospital," Bailly said.