Retired Police Officer Speaks Out After Deputies Mistakenly Bust Down His Door

Harris County sheriff’s deputies were attempting to serve an arrest warrant for a man who actually lived at a different address. 

A retired Houston police officer is speaking out after deputies mistakenly busted down his door while attempting to serve an arrest warrant for a man who lived at a different address. Louis Rodriguez told Inside Edition that he, his wife and two kids were at home when he heard deputies bang on the door and yell out they were looking for somebody named Curtis Rogers.

“Listen, there’s no Curtis Rogers that lives in this house,” Rodriguez’s son told the deputies on the other side of the door. “Sir, you have the wrong house.”

“Either open the door or it’s going to get opened for you,” one deputy responded.

Rodriguez told Inside Edition that he wasn’t sure if the people outside the door were actually police officers. 

Then, the officers smashed the door open using a battering ram. Chaos followed as Rodriguez and his son were ordered outside. The former officer said he was left with a cut and bruise on his arm. 

“I was afraid that they might discharge a firearm inside of my house and possibly injure or kill someone,” Rodriguez said.

The incident took place on the day his daughter was celebrating her quinceañera, or 15th birthday.

In a statement, the Harris County Sheriff’s Office said, “Deputies attempting to execute an arrest warrant mistakenly approached the wrong home. Deputies subsequently realized they made a mistake and the sheriff’s office arranged to have the door replaced. The sheriff’s office regrets the mistake and the incident is under review.”

It turns out the correct address was across the street.

Rodriguez told Inside Edition that he plans to pursue legal action. 

"We hadn't done anything wrong. It’s the last thing a family expects to happen to them in their own home,” he said.