Roommate of Alleged Gunman Behind Atlanta Spa Shootings Speaks Out About Meeting in Rehab

Tyler Bayless speaks with Inside Edition about meeting Robert Aaron Long in rehab, where Bayless says the alleged gunman was being treated for sex addition.

The former roommate of the alleged Atlanta spa massacre gunman is speaking to Inside Edition. “I was shocked that he had taken this violence out on other people, but not surprised that there was an extreme reaction from him in regards to these places of business,” Tyler Bayless said.

Bayless said he met Robert Aaron Long in rehab and that Long was there for sex addition.

When asked if Long ever spoke of visiting the spas, Bayless said, “Yes he did. In these places, you sort of swap war stories, what are you in for kind of thing, so certainly it surfaced through that way. And then several times while we were there together, he did, I guess you would call it a relapse, and frequented some of these massage parlors.”

The Georgia shootings have triggered fears that they are a part of a wave of violent anti-Asian attacks across the country. Police have said they don’t believe racism was a factor, but an official motive in the shooting spree has not yet been determined.