Royal Baby: An Astrologer's Take on Kate Middleton and Prince William's Newborn

Astrologer Ophira Edut says the sun in Taurus and moon in Leo make the new prince a perfect fit for the royal family.

What do the stars say about Kate Middleton and Prince William’s newborn son?

Astrologer Ophira Edut, one half of the famed AstroTwins duo, examines what being born with the sun is in Taurus will mean for the latest royal baby.

"He’ll be determined, kind of head strong," Edut told "The Taurus babies, they really like their creature comforts so he’s going to want the best of everything. The Taurus boy especially can be a stubborn and willful one, so if he doesn’t want to do things the way the palace dictates, then he’s not going to."

But, William and Kate are already used to the strong personality — in fact, the newborn shares the same sign as his older sister, Princess Charlotte.

"The sign of the bull," Edut warned. "So there may be a little bull fighting now and then between the two of them."

Unlike Princess Charlotte, the newborn’s moon sign is Leo — the sign of royalty.

“Even though he’s going to be the youngest — well, probably the youngest,” Edut said, “He’ll also be the most entitled, the alpha member of the family. The fact that he’s a royal baby and a Taurus — which is sort of a luxurious sign — and has a moon in Leo, that makes him even more prone to royalty."

The addition of being an earth sign, characterized by stubbornness and wary of change, might make him sound like a handful, Edut said, but earth signs are also characterized by loyalty to family and tenaciousness.

"The royal family is now all earth and water signs," Edut said. "Kate is a Capricorn and Charlotte and the new baby are Tauruses – very solid earth signs. And then Prince William and George are sensitive cancers, the water signs."

In fact, the youngest royal baby’s rising sign in Cancer, which influences his demeanor and appearance in the public, would make it no surprise if he follows closely in his father’s footsteps.

“It was a good choice to be born into this family," Edut said, laughing.


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