Royal Baby: Moms Blown Away by Kate Middleton's Flawless Look Just Hours After Giving Birth

Women are normally hospitalized for up to two days after having a child, but Middleton took just seven hours.

After Kate Middleton gave birth to her third child Monday, many are in awe at just how quickly she recovered and appeared camera-ready outside a London hospital just hours later. 

Only seven hours passed before she and husband Prince William introduced her third child, a boy, to the world.

Almost immediately, some women on social media began comparing her flawless appearance to how they looked following childbirth. The Duchess of Cambridge reportedly had a glam squad to help her. 

The average time most new American moms spend in the hospital after having a baby is two days. 

Many are curious whether her speedy turnaround is safe.

"It is safe, the key thing is support and follow up," ABC News Chief Health and Medical Correspondent Dr. Jennifer Ashton, the author of "Eat This, Not That, When You're Expecting,” told Inside Edition. "As long as there is support and follow up, which clearly a member of the royal family has. I would prefer to be at a palace rather than a hospital as well."

Dr. Ashton has delivered more than 1,500 babies and says there are serious risks every woman needs to be aware of in the days and weeks following childbirth.

"I tell my patients if you can stay in the hospital the full 48 hours to the minute, where you're gonna have help and support, do it," she added. 

That's exactly what new mom Kate Cosenza did after giving birth to her baby boy, Christian, on Saturday at Katz's Women's Hospital on Long Island, N.Y.

Like other new moms, Cosenza was struck by how quickly the duchess got glammed up after delivery.

“Not surprised," she admitted. "I wouldn't expect anything less, but where is my glam squad?"

Cosenza says she will not be putting on a dress or heels like Middleton, but she is just happy to be bringing her new bundle of joy home for the first time.