Royal Wedding: The Carriage and Horses That Will Whisk Meghan Markle and Prince Harry Into Married Life

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The royal wedding of Prince Harry and his American bride Meghan Markle is right around the corner and Kensington Palace's steady stream of details are starting to trickle in.

Today in their nuptial news: A horse-drawn carriage! Specifically, the one the royals have chosen to whisk them into wedded bliss.

Per Kensington Palace: "Prince Harry and Ms. Meghan Markle have selected the Ascot Landau carriage for their procession through Windsor after their wedding on May 19."

The carriage will be pulled by Windsor Grey horses, which play an important role in the ceremonial life of the royal family, and have been drawing the carriages of successive monarchs and members of the royal family since Queen Victoria.

The carriage and horses are housed at the Royal Mews, the stables at Buckingham Palace, where they require regular polishing and maintenance by Royal Mews staff.

There are two breeds of horses at the Royal Mews: Windsor Greys and Bays. There are more than 100 carriages in the Royal Mews collection, although not all of them are kept at Buckingham Palace.

The Royal Mews houses 30 carriage horses and has 43 staff members, including liveried helpers, coachmen and chauffeurs.

State cars are also housed at the Royal Mews and will be used in the wedding to transport members of the royal family, the bride and bridal party.

The state car collection includes two Bentleys, three Rolls-Royces and three Daimlers.

Be sure to check back at as the royal wedding news unfolds.


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