Royal Wedding: How to Properly Greet the Queen

Inside Edition's Deborah Norville received a private lesson on the proper protocol.

Meeting the queen is a big deal and Meghan Markle’s mother will formally met Her Majesty Friday, according to reports. 

Inside Edition’s Deborah Norville got a private lesson from Alexandra Messervy, who once worked for the royal family, on exactly how to approach a meeting with Queen Elizabeth

For starters, only speak to the queen after she speaks to you and don’t ever touch her, which means no hugging. Michelle Obama made that mistake when she accidentally put her arm around the queen as first lady. 

As an American, Meghan Markle's mother, Doria Ragland, doesn't necessarily have to curtsy.

If Ragland did, however, there is a specific method of doing so.

"You make sure you have one foot in front of the other, and you go down and you always have your head down because you're basically bowing," Messervy said. 

Messervy said that it doesn't have to be a grand gesture since one could fall over.