Santa Claus Breaks His Leg While Skydiving to Deliver Toys to Children

Will Christmas be delayed?

Santa may be operating on a delayed schedule this year after a horrific crash landing. 

Gerard Krokus, who was dressed as St. Nick, jumped out of a plane and smacked into a tree, breaking his leg. A video captured of the dramatic moment.

Krokus had planned to deliver toys to children at the Tampa Bay Beach Bums Operation Santa Charity Volleyball Tournament.

Madison Spiers, a 9-year-old who witnessed the accident, later realized that her gift, an Elf on the Shelf, Kristoff, was in the plane with Krokus and she later received a "note" from him.

"As we were about to land this big tree jumped right out in front of us!" the elf's note read. "Don’t worry though…now G and I are resting in this hotel that they keep calling a ‘hospital’! G has reservations for a few more days, going to hang out with him so he doesn’t feel lonely!!”

The elf also sported a broken leg while he recovered alongside Krokus.

Dominic Neldon, the boyfriend of Madison's mom, helped organize the event. Krokus was scheduled to have surgery on his leg Tuesday.