School Bus Carried Away by Floodwaters After Driver Appears to Ignore Warnings

The bus, which had a child on board, was overcome with water while driving through Austin earlier this month.

Dashcam footage captured the moment a school bus tried to drive through a flooded road in Austin, Texas. 

The video, recorded Oct. 16, shows the bus, which had just one child on board, approach a barricade put up by authorities warning of heavy flooding. The driver seems to ignore the barricade, driving around it. 

The roads appear safe for a while after that before the bus eventually comes to a flooded area. 

The driver attempts to push through the water but as it rises up around him, covering the hood, he loses control and the bus is carried away.

The bus floated downstream for a while until it became caught on a clump of trees, authorities said.

Both the child aboard and the driver had to be rescued.

The driver has since been fired and charged with endangering a child and failure to obey warning signs, according to officials. 

Police said they chose to release the video to show the dangers of trying to drive through a flood.